License for TV: Who needs it?

License for TV: Who needs it?

Licensing is the process of renting or providing assets on lease to individuals, or in professional word whom we call ‘customers’. In the UK if any individual wants to enjoy the television facility they need to have a TV license. Using any TV equipment to view TV or record programs would need a proper TV licensing. The equipment includes Computers, Mobile phones, Gaming consoles, DVD and Digital setup box etc.

The customer care executives are available all the time to clear any doubts regarding any licensing issue or helping general inquiries about the same. There are various ways for the payment and they accept almost all sorts of payment options. It is necessary to have a TV licensing number for all those who use any equipment related to TV or use to record programs for future viewing. There are various plans and different payment options which makes it easy for the customers to choose from a variety of payment options.



The various plans include subscription on basis of weekly, monthly or yearly basis. No wonder the yearly subscription would provide a comparatively cheaper and premium access with some exciting and extra features that too for free. The additional charges that would have been imposed for the extra services are now can be availed by its customer for free.

Weekly– The weekly payment can be done by payment cards or by going to the PayPoint outlets. Also it can be activated by the registered phone by messaging.

 Monthly-Usually the monthly pack is activated by debit card. A premium fee can be charged too.


Quarterly- This plan is usually for those who don’t want to bother about refilling their license every now and then. You can rest assured of the continuation of service and a premium charge can be applied while doing this payment.

Yearly– The yearly pack can be activated by Direct Debit, by credit card or debit card. This plan is for those who don’t move out of house and go for vacation for long time. Moreover this can be a fruitful pack with some exciting premium additional services for free.

So these were some of the plans that can be availed to have a TV license. All you have to do is just give a call and the representative would be right there for you to guide through all your questionnaires.


There are a lot of exciting offers and discounts available for every group and community like students, tenants/lodgers, over 75’s, severely sight impaired persons, business organizations etc. The over 75’s get a free lifetime subscription after they cross 75. The students, the visually impaired persons, everybody have something in discount. Do check out every detail and take the best out of the exciting range of products to choose from.

Finally, it is not at all a bad idea to choose one suitable package from this wide range of flexible packages out there according to your need. The TV companies give many options and act according to your need of the hour, just with your footsteps.


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