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During the last several several weeks, I have read multiple threads that noted the explosion in the amount of Search engine optimization job listings. During these postings, people speculated whether this meant Corporate America was finally recognizing that Internet Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is becoming an important core competency that must be introduced “in-house”. I have also read a really funny article concerning the Search engine optimization candidate selection process in the employer’s perspective. However, I haven’t yet use whatever experienced Search engine optimization/SEM veteran write freely regarding their encounters searching for any new position. So, I figure which i come with an chance to create among the couple of Search engine optimization articles which has not yet been written:.)

My former company launched into a brand new proper direction and that i made a decision to not continue them. I’d spoken to other people within my “mostly local” internet search engine marketing network in Portland and didn’t begin to see the right chance dealing with these folks. So, like every body else searching for something better, I updated my resume and began my job search.

My Background & Job Search Strategy

I’ve six years experience of Search engine optimization/SEM. I spent 2 yrs doing online marketing inside a corporate setting and 2 years within an agency setting. Additionally, I’ve 4 years experience of internet affiliate marketing: 24 months full-some time and 24 months like a “side gig” to my agency position. Also, I’m a frequent cause of Internet Search Engine Guide.

I sent my materials to all “advanced” Search engine optimization positions wherever these were located. Every day, I received recently published positions within my inbox and put on individuals that met my criteria.

I’d no aim of relocating from my Beaverton, Or home, however i determined that Search engine optimization/SEM could be easily performed from home office which forward-thinking employers would have that. I additionally produced a “jazzy & memorable” current email address only for my job search and used the next (hopefully appealing) subject line in every of my emails: Effective Search engine optimization Seeks Superior Situation. Every potential employer got exactly the same resume cover letter & resume…It seemed like if anybody did not clearly grasp things i could offer them being an worker, I should not work there anyway.

The Outcomes

I figured I would not have trouble getting prospective employers thinking about my services. I didn’t anticipate the utter onslaught of great interest that my resume generated.

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