Should Companies Manage Their Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

LinkedIn is becoming an essential business funnel, not just for people to showcase their professional credentials, but in addition for companies trying to promote their value proposition and also to establish or manage brand awareness.

LinkedIn is not just a social networking tool that allows executives to place themselves in play for a more satisfactory job underneath the guise of “networking.” LinkedIn also is not only a digital industry for consultants, freelancers and agencies seeking new customers. For much better or worse, LinkedIn has end up part of the earth’s research process: an open resource that allows employers, customers, regulators, competitors, prospective employees, referral sources, vendors, creditors, shareholders, research analysts and journalists to appear underneath the covers, and also to establish a viewpoint (or decision) not just regarding individuals, but the companies they work with.

Although LinkedIn provides companies by having an chance to provide a fundamental or enhanced (for any hefty fee) corporate profile, what most companies either neglect to recognize – or are unwilling to address – would be that the content, quality and consistency of collective and individual descriptions of the organization embodied inside their employees’ LinkedIn profiles may have a significant effect on brand perceptions. (These brand implications are decreased on Facebook, which isn’t generally considered a company funnel.)

As one example of the purpose, simply when it comes to brand clearness and consistency, listed here are 5 various ways (grammatical shortcomings and typos incorporated) that the actual 80-person Boston-based talking to firm (with brand disguised as XYZ Partners here) describes itself through various LinkedIn profiles of their employees:

“XYZ Partners is definitely an worldwide business services firm. We simplify the management and charge of worldwide operations, empowering our people to take advantage of their growth possibilities in foreign markets.”

“XYZ Partners (XYZ) may be the leading professional advisory firm within the worldwide expansion space. We provide a variety of mix-border finance and administrative services to organizations with new or existing global operations, including entity set-up, payroll, accounting, tax compliance, advisory and HR services.”

“XYZ Partners provides worldwide business services to companies operating overseas. These types of services include worldwide accounting, tax, global cash management, HR and compliance solutions that mitigates a Company’s risk when operating in foreign markets.”

“Our mix-border solutions let the HQ finance and HR teams to rapidly and efficiently implement expansion plans, establish appropriate entities, get overseas employees compensated, and navigate unfamiliar overseas tax codes and compliance rules.”

“Supplying financial, tax and compliance services to companies within their worldwide expansion.” (sic)

You will find (a minimum of) two fundamental issues involving LinkedIn:

The employees’ to describe themselves in whatever way they think fit on social networking sites, and

A company’s to safeguard its brand status through accurate and consistent descriptions from the enterprise which are published on social networking sites by its employees.

Even though the underlying the process of freedom of expression and company invasion frequently function as catalysts for heated protests and endless debate, there’s really no good reason both worker and company interests cannot both be offered, if the operation is managed inside a reasonable, sincere manner.

At the chance of over-simplifying an element that can rapidly escalate to union grievances, Chief executive officer town hall conferences, picket lines and national attention, possibly the business’s Chief Marketing Officer can initiate the modification process by having an internal memo along wrinkles:

Dear Valued Worker:

We ought to observe that lots of our staff people are utilizing LinkedIn to build up professional systems. More and more, social networking tools like LinkedIn are playing a huge role in personal and company existence.

Basically we recognize and support your individual to take part in social networking sites, we wish to be sure that the descriptions utilized in your LinkedIn profile to explain our organization are in conjuction with the guidelines we have created enhance understanding and appreciation in our corporate brand.

Toward that finish, we’d greatly thank you for cooperation in making use of just the approved description in our company for the LinkedIn profile. The corporation description is situated on-page 3 in our Worker Guide. Actually, we’ve lately added extra suggestions regarding LinkedIn profiles, which you might find useful.

Interesting support about this important issue. For those who have any queries or concerns about this subject, please tell me.

Your Friendly CMO

An alternate approach regarding brand presentation in worker LinkedIn profiles would be to do nothing at all. It can be a problem that’s too minor or considered not well worth the time. But companies with long lasting world-class brands realize that everything matters. That’s one good reason the reason why you never visit a dirty UPS or FedEx delivery truck.

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