Steps To Take When Attempting To Resolve a Difficult Business Dispute

Steps To Take When Attempting To Resolve a Difficult Business Dispute

Being part of a business dispute is never easy. A client, vendor or even employee could claim that there is some dispute leaving you wondering what to do. You cannot just sit idly by hoping it will go away. You must take action immediately. Here are the steps to take when attempting to resolve a difficult business dispute.

Understand the Details Fully

The first step is to speak to the party or review documents to ensure you understand the details of the dispute fully. Some disputes might be confusing. What a person is angry about might not be at the heart of the dispute. You want to review the details and ask for clarification to ensure you know exactly what is being disputed before moving on.

Informally Propose a Resolution

The next step is to informally propose a resolution. Look carefully at the dispute and the demands the other party is making. Think about what is fair. Propose a solution to the party that is amicable to both sides. This can potentially prevent a protracted battle that might harm your company or generate bad publicity for everyone involved.

Avoid Escalating the Situation

You must avoid escalating the situation unintentionally if the informal resolution was not accepted. Avoid doing things such as threatening frivolous legal actions or taking steps to somehow damage the person making the claim. You want to remain calm and collected. Never try to intimidate the other parties since it will usually backfire.

Gather Evidence Supporting Your Claim

If negotiating and offering a solution did not help, then it is time to start getting ready to bring in outside help. Many people can help in this situation from a mediator to a business attorney. You want to begin gathering up all the evidence you can to support your side of the dispute. This could mean records, witnesses or even messages from the other parties. Collect the evidence together along with a formal statement laying out your side of the dispute.

Contact an Arbitration Service

You should now contact an arbitration service to start handling the dispute. An arbiter is an objective individual who will settle the dispute in a legally binding way. This can be done in person or online through an arbitration service like You and the opposing party both fill out questionnaires, submit paperwork and follow a strict process. The arbiter will look at everything and make a decision about how to resolve the dispute. This will solve everything quickly and inexpensively.

Look For A Lawyer If All Else Fails

If the other party will not agree to arbitration, then it is time to look for a lawyer. This means that there is no other way to resolve the case except going through court. A business attorney will be able to defend your rights and combat frivolous motions from the opposing parties. Litigation can take a large amount of time and money although it might the only option when all else fails.

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